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CONTROL Alphitobius diaperinus in broilers

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Alphitobius diaperinus causes many problems, not only diseases in birds but also transmitting other diseases.

Alphitobius diaperinus is a coleopteran in the family Tenebrionidae commonly known as the lesser mealworm. It is a Pest insect of stored food grain and the best adapted beetle in poultry-rearing facilities (broilers, feeding turkeys, etc.). It is a vector that causes many diseases to birds (lacerations in the skin) and they also transmit diseases such as the virus Marek, Gumboro, etc. They cause problems in the infrastructure facilities, damage the covers on the facilities. Larvae dig tunnels in these covers before making the pupa, what turns into the ideal place for them to make it as it is also a very hard area to be treated.

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